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Information Security Outsourcing
In addition to security incidents, compliance requirements have made company executives accountable to prevent (or at least detect in a timely manner) unauthorized acquisition, use, or disposition of systems that could affect a company’s critical climate.

Legislature and compliance issues are likely to increase, as a result of recent economic events.

Businesses worldwide—and especially those in regulated industries—are required to maintain a strong security posture to minimize the financial impact associated with breaches and compliance requirements. If your core business is not information technology (IT)—staying current on security incidents and regulatory changes can be daunting, if not impossible. Our staff’s job is to stay current on regulatory issues and the cost effective solutions to provide compliance.

Telkite’s Security Experts Manage Your Security and Compliance Challenges So You Can Focus on Your Business

Telkite’s customers benefit from our best-in-class security information and event management system (SIEM) combined with 24x7 operations to:

Protect information held in trust
Protect the brand/reputation investment
Fulfill compliance requirements
Understand and improve IT security posture and maturity
Reduce security costs and associated risks
Free valuable resources
Demonstrate proof-of-controls to managers, customers and auditors

Telkite successfully manages security threats and challenges when:

The volume of security events becomes unwieldy
In-house solutions cost too much in terms of funding, resources, time,   and effort
Resources and skill sets are hard to find and retain
Regulations require demonstration of proof of controls, a strong   security infrastructure, and enforceable policies, 24 hours per day

Telkite’s Information Security and Risk Management Outsourcing services include the following:
Enterprise Event Management & Monitoring
Security Device Management (Firewall/IDS/IPS)
Compliance Logging & Reporting
Incident Response and Investigation
Managed Vulnerability Assessments (External/Internal)
Security Operations Management
Security Program Development & Documentation
Security Awareness Training
Audit Support
User Provisioning and Enforcement
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