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Information Security Services
Today businesses are faced with complex choices when it comes to security and information assurance—choices that must carefully balance protection, cost, and risk. Preventing unwanted business interruptions, media exposure, investigations, regulatory and contractual non-compliance, and lawsuits are becoming a frequent board room discussion topic. As reports emerge about significant financial losses, information protection is now a shareholder concern.

While the marketplace offers many options to protect information systems, the operationally mature techniques needed to implement and manage security controls and effectively protect an enterprise can be elusive. It is vital to select a security partner with the right mix of experience and specialized expertise to achieve reliable, consistent protection at a reasonable cost

“One size fits all” technical security solutions are not the right answer. Security is more than just technology—our solutions include the programmatic elements and management processes needed to ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from their security technology investments.

A Balanced Approach between Business and Security
Telkite delivers operationally mature, strategic protection for your critical information assets in three stages: (1) Defining your security goals, (2) Achieving your optimum security posture, and (3) Maintaining your secure position.

Defining Your Security Goals
Building an effective security program requires assessing your current situation. Telkite offers a suite of assessment programs to evaluate security practices, vulnerabilities, risks, regulatory compliance, and enterprise security strategy.

Telkite provides you with a comprehensive, objective review of the presence and effectiveness of security controls in your organization. Telkite assessment programs include:

Business Impact Analysis
Criticality criteria development
Critical business process definition/prioritization
Critical resource definition
Recovery time objective development

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Programmatic review
Application security testing
Perimeter & internal network vulnerability testing including penetration
Network device & system configuration review
Wireless security testing

Regulatory Compliance Analysis
Universal security frameworks
Requirements traceability and forecasting
Readiness planning for HIPAA, GLB, PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and   third-party contract requirements

Enterprise Security Strategy
Security program planning
Security architecture development
Achievable security roadmaps
Business continuity strategy selection

Identity Theft Assessment
Business application and database surveys to determine location of   personal information storage
Evaluation of control effectiveness

Achieving Your Optimum Security Posture
Telkite delivers comprehensive solutions that blend technology, processes, and people to strategically reduce security risk. Companies bombarded by technology-driven point solutions appreciate Telkite’s enterprise risk management perspective and vendor neutrality. We tailor security solutions to your needs, fix/solve security issues at the root cause, and deliver cost-effective security with minimal disruption to your business.
Turn to Telkite for:

Application security review
Third party risk management
PCI DSS services including audit preparation, audit, and compliance   maintenance
Security technology and process integration
Independent verification and validation
Security policy and procedure development
Remediation of security deficiencies
Security training and knowledge transfer
Business continuity program development
Emergency management planning
Disaster recovery planning
Security incident response

Maintaining Your Secure Position
Telkite’s managed security services include a full range of monitoring and management services for reliable, consistent protection:

Real-time 24x7 event monitoring
Security device management
Vulnerability management
Patch Management
Incident investigation, response and recovery
Event correlation
Compliance reporting

Telkite clients benefit from a professional security staff at a fraction of the cost of creating their own. Trained security professionals in our fully staffed, 24 X 7 Security Operations Center monitor security events in your infrastructure and applications using a best-of-breed data collection and event correlation platform.

We combine our expertise, business acumen, and state-of-the-art tools to ensure reported events are actual threats before releasing alerts. Our response includes recommending a course of action or carrying out defensive measures according to your customized response criteria. We provide the metrics and reporting necessary to comply with regulations and database breach laws and to demonstrate to the management, auditors and customers that sensitive information is continually protected.
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