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Salesforce - Force.Com Platform
Force.com is Salesforce.com’s cloud computing platform - offered to enterprises. Companies are currently running everything from ERP to Human Resources software, to Supply Chain software, to Asset Tracking, to Contract Management, to custom applications on this platform. More than 55,000 companies already use Force.com.

Enterprises and ISVs looking to adopt or extend their Force.com platform utilization can jumpstart their efforts by leveraging Telkite’s Force.com Competency team – a team of technical experts with a deep understanding of and experience with the Force.com Platform.

Telkite has helped some of the largest names in software and services build SaaS platforms as well as SaaS-enable their applications. This hands-on experience, coupled with specific expertise in the Force.com platform – all certified by Salesforce.com– ensure a rapid and effective migration for your products.

Telkite’s Approach to Force.com SaaS Enablement
The Force.com Competency Center has helped a number of SaaS platform providers build out their product offerings, including the development of platform components and the migration of applications to these platforms. Our team can leverage this deep understanding of the underpinnings of these platforms to help ISVs move their applications to the SaaS delivery model, safely and efficiently.


Our Value Proposition
Expert Resources
“Force Certified Partner “ with a   ready team of engineers trained on   Salesforce.com
Specialized Architects,Data modelers,   trained developers and testers
Product Development Expertise
Experienced SaaS Competency   Center to install best practices
Usability Competency Center to   enrich online user experience
Performance Engineering competency   to optimize product/application
Best Practices
Proven success building applications
  using n-tired/distributed architecture
Supported by security components   such as authentication/authorization,
  database modeling and reporting
Optimized processes like SCRUM,   iterative or incremental along with   testing methodologies to guarantee   quality delivery on time
Relevant Client Experience
Integrated products for a secure   messaging services provider with   Salesforce
Integrated Salesforce with real-time   dashboards from one of the leading   BI vendors
Comprehensive Services
Assessment of existing products and   applications for migration including   UI, security model, data model,   business logic, reporting,   performance, usability etc
Complete migration including   applications and components along   with testing, data synchronization   and migration etc
Development with engineering   experts in Apex, Reporting and   VisualForce
Validation for scalability, reliability,   availability etc
Operations including product   deployment, training, support and   maintenance
Project Example -Force.com
Project Features Implemented
Provider of business news & information services
Advanced Contact Search
Factiva Webservice Integration using WSDL2   Apex
EXT JS integration for rich UI controls
Pagination, Export to Excel
DOJO charts integration
Airlines Commission management system
Rules – Defining rules for agents by   Airlines manager for commission   calculation
Reports - Report generation based on   criteria selected .Eg. Top 3 good   performing agents and the   commission earned by them
Goalseek - For achieving the   target revenue how many   tickets needs to be sold by the   agent.
Scenario – Implemented what-if   analysis based on the revenue
DOJO charts integration
Travel Trip Planner
Fetching data from yahoo travel trip   using REST API of yahoo webservices   and displaying it in visualforce page
Implemented Bookmarking of trips   and storing in the salesforce   database
Total channel management system
Inventory management
Master view
Item master view – To add new   items and view the existing
Location master view – To add   new locations and view existing
Connector – Synchronizing data   between salesforce database and sql   server 2000
Replenish able Locations – Storing   data of which item needs to be sent   to which location by using click and   select UI controls
Collaboration – provides interface for   collaboration between retailer and the   supplier.
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