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Software as a service (SAAS) Enablement


The SaaS (or On-Demand) delivery model offers compelling advantages for ISVs in today’s software applications and services market. Increasingly enterprises are adopting SaaS solutions faster than any other software delivery model. Yet, the challenges for ISVs are substantial when considering a move to SaaS. From revenue interruption to customer and data migration, the business challenges are as complex as the technical issues.

Fortunately, Telkite can help plan and/or accelerate your move to a SaaS delivery model. Telkite has helped some of the largest names in software and services build SaaS platforms as well as SaaS-enable their applications. This hands-on experience can help your team migrate your products quickly and effectively.

Telkite can stage your SaaS deployment to optimize your return on investment. Our experience with SaaS development has helped us define a model that allows short, medium, and long term deployment goals to be realized cost-effectively, and with minimum risk.

SaaS Enablement Stages
Stage Elements
Selecting proper multitenancy model
Security and Identity management
Optimized data architecture
Metadata driven deep customization
Tenant management and monitoring
Service robustness
Aggregation of functionality
Consistent customer experience
Enabling the ecosystem
Telkite offers an array of services for companies at all stages of a typical SaaS maturity model. Whether your company is still exploring the SaaS delivery model, or you are now looking to optimize SaaS delivery, Telkite can help bring your application to market faster, and with higher quality than other methods. Telkite’s SaaS services include:

Assessing product and feature fit for SaaS enablement
Implementing and managing SaaS based product offering
Implementing operational and metering for SaaS based product
Recommendation on using a SaaS platform
Creating a development ecosystem around the SaaS offering

Some ISVs choose to host the applications on their own servers and build out the surrounding capabilities such as metering, billing, SLA management, provisioning, etc. Other companies are looking to migrate to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, such as Force.com from Salesforce.com. Regardless, Telkite can help with your deployment.

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