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Microsoft Retail Management System (MRMS)
For today’s independent merchant, success depends on more than the right store location. To maintain your competitive edge and increase profitability, independent merchants like you need point-of-sale and retail management tools that allow you to serve customers effectively, maintain tight control over business processes and performance, and keep pace with any size competitor. With Microsoft® Retail Management System (MRMS), you get the best of both worlds: technology that helps to streamline business operations and connect customers, employees, and business partners, and an affordable, easy-to-use solution suite that integrates with other applications and adapts to your specific retail needs.

RMS Store Operations
RMS Store Operations allows you to better track and expedite point-of-sale and business processes:

Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier   management, and point-of-sale processes
Make informed decisions with accurate data and powerful reporting   tools
Market, promote, and sell across multiple   channels
Expand easily to multi-store operations and   e-commerce
Reduce point-of-sale system and operating   costs


RMS Headquarters
RMS Headquarters helps you grow and manage your entire chain from the head office:

Control prices, purchasing and inventory—chain-wide, by region or store
View, analyze, and share data across your entire business
Exchange data and management directives with any mix of stores
Pull detailed sales and inventory information from multiple Store   Operations installations
Set and monitor policies and procedures for each and every store

Microsoft POS
You offer customers something they can’t get anywhere else: personalized service and unique products. But you still struggle to find the right balance of inventory, staffing, customer information, and business control to make your store as competitive as it should be. Microsoft Point of Sale helps you level the playing field in today’s competitive retail environment by letting you easily automate point of sale, inventory management, reporting, and gain powerful insights to help you deliver superior customer service.

Steamline Business Processes
Streamline and track business operations, including inventory, supplier   management, and POS processes.
Process transactions quickly with bar code scanning, custom POS   buttons, and an easy-to-use touch screen.
Hold transactions for later retrieval while you assist other customers with   their purchases.
Give associates at the point of sale an easy way to check prices,   inventory availability, and locations quickly. They can access customer   information, handle multiple tenders and partial payments at checkout,   and quickly create and process returns.
Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transactions at   the POS and eliminating the need for expensive card payment terminals   and high transaction fees.
Make informed decisions with accurate information and powerful   reporting tools.
Integrate and exchange information with Microsoft Office Word,Excel,   and Outlook and Intuit QuickBooks accounting software. Make full use of   existing software investments and share information across applications   without additional training costs.Streamline business operations,   including inventory, supplier management, and point-of-sale processes

Track and Manage Inventory Efficiently
Save time and reduce employee overhead by automating inventory   tracking and receiving.
Set reorder points and restocking levels to help eliminate the number of   out-of-stocks and overstocks.
Multiple pricing structures for markups and discounts provide flexibility.
View real-time inventory status such as quantity sold, on hand, on order,   and more.
Track and manage items across your business using familiar and flexible   stock and sales methods.
Replenish top-selling items efficiently and negotiate lower purchasing   costs by tracking item movement and supplier histories.
Create automatic purchase orders and identify your best-price suppliers.
Create bar code labels with a built-in label designer.

Increase Sales and Build Customer Loyalty
Target customer preferences and remind cashiers about up-sells and   cross-sells, so they can mention them during transactions.
Implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers.
Create targeted customer mailings based on buying preferences and   purchase histories.

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