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Microsoft Azure Platform
Hosted in Microsoft data centers, the Azure™ Services Platform (Azure) enables seamless development, hosting and management of highly-scalable, cloud-based applications.

Enterprises and ISVs looking to adopt or extend their Azure platform utilization can jumpstart their efforts by leveraging Telkite’s Azure Competency Center – a group of technical experts with a deep understanding of and experience with the Microsoft Azure Services Platform.

Telkite is a part of the Windows Azure Early Adoption Program. The Early Adoption Program is designed to provide a consistent experience for Microsoft partners to obtain real-world customer feedback on Microsoft pre-release products.

With its focus on core Microsoft technologies and vast experience in executing an array of cloud-based projects, the competency center is well equipped to drive your cloud deployments. In addition, the team has thorough knowledge of communication protocols such as SOAP, REST and XML along with in-depth PHP and LAMP stack technology expertise.

Microsoft Azure Services Platform Overview
Telkite can help enterprises build new applications to run from the Azure™ cloud or enhance existing applications with cloud-based capabilities – as described below.


Telkite's Azure Service Offerings
Leveraging our experience in developing efficient cloud-based applications, we have designed a structured process for migrating existing SaaS or cloud applications seamlessly and quickly, while minimizing development costs.

Telkite is has experience with all of the services provided by the platform, including Live Services, SQL Services, .NET Services, SharePoint Services and Dynamics CRM Services.


Project Example: Migration of existing web-based application to the Azure cloud
Project Description Grievance Redressal System (Migration of web application to the cloud)
Azure™ Features Implemented
Web role – Worker role communication
Azure™ Storage – blogs, tables and queues
SDS- Provides BASE (Basically Available, Soft   state, Eventually consistent) data model named   ACE to store data and images
Live Services integration: Virtual Earth, Live   Search
Live ID authentication

Benefits Obtained
Developed a highly scalable application, meeting   the corporation’s needs
Enabled elimination of data center overheads   with Azure’s pay as per usage business model
Facilitated ease of creating workflows and   communicating with other services using Service   Bus
Undertook enhancement of existing application   with Live Services integration E.g. Virtual Earth,   Live Search etc.
Implemented flawless identity management with   Access Control Service and Windows Live Id

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