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Google Platform
Google App Engine provides a highly-scalable platform for building and hosting web applications on Google's infrastructure.

As with any new technology platform adoption, the initial learning curve can impose significant barriers to organizations, both strategically and tactically. Companies need to evaluate the platform for suitability as well as overcome the initial and subsequent migration challenges that can impede progress.

Enterprises and ISVs looking to adopt or extend their Google Apps platform utilization can jumpstart their efforts by leveraging Telkite’s Google Apps Competency – we have a team of technical experts with a deep understanding of and experience with the Google cloud computing platform.

With its focus on core Google technologies and vast experience in executing an array of cloud-based projects, the competency center is well equipped to drive your cloud deployments.

Google App Engine Overview
The Google Apps Competency Center partners with customers to facilitate seamless cloud enablement using Google technologies – as described below.


Telkite’s Approach to Google Apps Cloud Enablement
Telkite has a structured approach to ensure that the cloud enablement of customer’s application is fast and efficient. Regardless of whether you are an ISV developing new web-enabled solutions, or an enterprise with an IT application backlog, or an organization already using Google Apps, the competency center can help you develop scalable web applications – faster and more cost effectively than other approaches. Our Go-To-Live plan is illustrated here.


Telkite’s Go-to-Live Web App Process

Having worked on numerous SaaS based engagements; Telkite is adept in the Agile Development Methodology. Agile processes not only improve the quality of deliverables (as the product increments are tested over every cycle), but also ensure better communication and improved understanding of customer requirements.

The following table depicts a typical execution plan based on the complexity of the applications:

Category Assessment Pilot Implementation End-to-end App Engine Enablement
Simple web applications (websites or portals) 2-3 days 2 weeks 3 months
Medium sized web applications (Minimal dependencies on other applications) 1 week 4 weeks 3-6 months
Web-based enterprise applications (Replacing existing legacy implementation) 2 weeks 6 weeks 6-9 months
Complex enterprise systems with multiple applications (Suite of enterprise apps) 4 weeks 8 weeks 9-12 months
Key considerations for organizations adopting Google Apps

Feasibility of Google Apps' integration with existing IT systems
Analysis of demand and usage pattern
Solution deployment mechanism on private cloud
Process for seamless data exchange between cloud and on-premise   solution - integration with the Google Secure Data Connector
Encrypted https tunnel for data transfer
No holes in firewall
Simplified configuration and fine grained access control lists
Availability of support for additional technologies on Google cloud
Modeling scalability and performance for the applications

Telkite will work closely with enterprises and ISVs to address these considerations strategically.

Our Value Proposition

Rapid adoption of the Google App Engine technology
Invested in training a core team in Google Web technologies
Flexible & lower cost structure
Ability to quickly scale the team with a strong foundation of cloud computing   expertise
Deep expertise of developing cloud-based applications – team of solution   architects and technology experts
Vast experience in successfully executing projects with the Agile   development methodology

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