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Enterprise Mobile Solutions 
Mobile wireless devices and communications are delivering the most radical changes to information collection and distribution technology that have occurred in a decade, so now an essential component of a real-time enterprise strategy.

Companies and organizations worldwide are implementing enterprise mobile business solutions to accelerate business cycles, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and extend their enterprise infrastructure.

Telkite is committed to help its customers for capitalizing on the potential of the mobile & wireless technologies by offering services like conceptualizing, designing and implementing enterprise mobile solutions that enhance core business operations and communications. Telkite enterprise mobile & wireless solution caters to various industries such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Retail, offering solutions like mCommerce, mobile computing solutions, mobile portal solutions, custom Pocket PC solutions and PDA solutions.

Why select Telkite for Enterprise mobile solutions Development?
Telkite team has developed and also maintaining many enterprise mobile solutions.

Telkite developers have excellent experience on.NET compact   framework & MFC and API under all the popular OSes;
Telkite has worked with all types of screens, including plain screens   and touch screens;
Telkite has worked with Infrared port, COM port, Network, and all   synchronization types on these devices;
Our engineers are capable of creating custom interfaces, non-
  standard buttons, toolbars, etc;
Our solutions support multi-threads where possible;
Telkite team has a proprietary optimization know-how for storage/   speed ratio;
Our portfolio includes complex math algorithms under all Oses, a   graphic interface, file management, Internet software, etc.

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