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Data Center Services
Today’s data centers which are highly complex with a diverse environment undergo incredible changes frequently and managing them 24/7 is quite critical.

The data center services brought to you by an experienced team from Telkite delivers you a tailored solution that will meet your specific needs and make your business more competitive

Telkite provides comprehensive support in helping organizations maintain a simple and intuitive management of heterogeneous servers in their data centers.

Our data center services include:

Systems Management
Our tailored off-the-shelf packages in the systems management services involves network management, server management, security management and desktop management, helping clients meet their service level agreement objectives. We not only help monitor and manage your entire system but also ensure a business intelligence driven automation and a centralized infrastructure management.

Mainframe Systems Management
Mainframe systems management services help ensure your system resources maintain a continuous business processing and maximize their availability and optimization. Our team of experts can evaluate your service requirements, and deliver specific solutions for system configuration, improvement in runtime and software support that reduce operating cost and improve response time and system availability.

Midrange Systems Management
Telkite has an in-depth knowledge in the midrange systems management and our services include implementation of best practices, systems design, consolidation, architecture, consulting, migration and monitoring and a comprehensive support for UNIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Intel, Linux and AS/400 and other diverse platforms.

Storage & Backup Management
Telkite’s database storage and backup services provides widespread management of your storage and backup operations with respect to your service level requirements. These in turn helps organizations minimize data risks, improve quality of storage service delivery, automate recoverability and increase backup efficiency.

Database Management
Secure database management services from Telkite support the entire range of database platforms and ensure reliable performance of your increasingly large and complex database, thereby increasing the overall service management capabilities.

Messaging Systems Management
Messaging Systems Management encompasses formulating a clear messaging strategy and best practices implementation with minimal disruption of workflow processes. We also take into account communication parameters across disparate messaging platforms and ensure complete integration that ensures that users are well connected at all times.

Capacity Planning
Capacity planning solutions involves planned forecasting of infrastructure needs that will support current demands as well as factor in future projections ensuring consistent high performance and operational efficiency.
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