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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
To survive in today’s threat environment, enterprises of all sizes must understand the costs of business interruption, plan to deal with the unexpected, protect life and safety, and—for those most critical business processes—maintain continuous operations under any circumstances.

However, planning and implementing a business continuity plan imposes organizational costs in terms of money, time, and effort. Like any other business activity, the benefits must outweigh those costs, and the benefits must be tied to business requirements.

So how do you spare the resources to work on something that is so critical, yet which doesn’t drive revenue or contribute to your core business?

Telkite can help you develop and implement business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans which support your organization’s most critical processes without straining your resources or your budget.

We understand your enterprise is unique. No other organization has the same mission, business processes, stakeholders / customers, vendors, and legal / regulatory environment. For that reason, “cookie cutter” business continuity solutions may not be the best approach for your organization.

Telkite assists enterprises like in developing business continuity programs tailored to your unique requirements, whether those encompass products, services, stakeholders, interruption costs, risk environments, policies, statutory requirements, geographical locations, or distribution sites. Our customized solutions provide a sharp business process focus to yield maximum benefit from your business continuity investments

Telkite offers a full range of business continuity management elements, including planning and implementation of:

Complete business continuity management programs
Disaster recovery and reconstitution of processes and resources
Crisis and emergency management operations
Business continuity / continuity of operations / continuity of

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) are frequently confused. Business continuity is characterized by the following:

It begins before the disruption / incident
It is continuous
It is focused on business processes

In contrast, disaster recovery is characterized by the following:

It begins at the time of the disruption / incident
It ends at the resumption of normal operations
It is focused on resources

Telkite offers services for both BC and DR. Services include the following:

Business impact and risk analysis
Strategy development
Executable plan development
Integration with existing business continuity, disaster recovery,and   emergency response plans
Development and delivery of education and awareness programs

Already Have a Business Continuity Program?

If you already have a business continuity program, we can increase the value of that program by helping you:

Keep the plan simple and executable. A plan is worthless if it can't be
  understood and executed. Telkite helps you train your team and test
  your plan.
Focus on business. Telkite helps ensure that every business continuity
  activity and expenditure supports your business goals and objectives.
Involve senior management and stakeholders. Telkite business
  continuity consultants are senior level professionals who understand
  business requirements and can help articulate a BC business case to

Telkite’s Three-Phased Approach to Business Continuity
Telkite approaches business continuity in three phases:

Understanding Phase: Telkite collects considerable information
  about business processes, resources, and personel. Through formal
  Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk analysis, TELKITE works with
  you to determine the impacts of business process disruption. We help
  you prioritize critical business processes and the risks affecting those
  processes. Because the BIA defines requirements for all types of
  operational risk management, it is also very useful as the foundation
  of security and emergency management
Planning Phase: TELKITE develops business continuity strategies,
  the Business Continuity Plan, and department-level disaster recovery
  plans. The strategies take recovery goals and objectives into account,
  as well as constraints and dependencies. A business continuity plan is
  a comprehensive,executable plan which will help you make decisions,
  and either protect or recover your critical business processes before
  the impacts of disruption degrade your ability to serve your
  stakeholders. A disaster recovery plan details specific processes to
  recover critical business processes if those processes have been
Implementation Phase: Telkite develops and delivers education and
  awareness programs, helps you exercise your plan to ensure it meets
  your needs, and helps you make business continuity a part of your
  organizational culture.
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